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I am a Reykjavík-based language teacher, translator and web designer. I spent four years studying Iceland and its culture, history, literature and language for my BA, and I am now doing an MA in linguistics. I have also worked on a number of web projects.
Curriculum vitæ

Key skills

language translation communication intercultural skills graphic design web design

Higher education


1st class
BA Icelandic

University College London

In progress
MA Icelandic linguistics

University of Iceland


Havering Sixth Form College
Graphic Design
English Language

Language proficiency

* Includes knowledge of written Norwegian and Swedish

Programming language proficiency


Jobs & experience

Current job
Details available upon request
2012– 2015
In late 2012, I began working for Apple once again as a Family Room Specialist (iOS support technician). Shortly after rejoining, I went full time and became promoted to Genius. This role included servicing customers directly and repairing Mac and iOS devices. I also served as a role model for other team members and became a source of technical knowledge and leadership. 2012 Began working full-time. 2014 Promoted to Genius being one of the best performers in my team for several months. 2015 Six month career experience as a Lead Genius, involving taking on various management responsibilities and leading Genius Bar teams.
July 2012
Digital Design Intern
After returning from my year abroad in Iceland, I interned at student marketing company The Beans Group. Responsibilities included producing online advertising materials for and redesigning internal company stationery.
2011- 2012
Sales Assistant
During my exchange year in Iceland, I worked at local Apple reseller This job gave me the opportunity to improve my working knowledge of Icelandic and as such I was able to create sales solutions and provide technical support entirely in the language.
2009- 2010
Summer Course Assistant
In 2009 I took a summer course in Icelandic at the University of Iceland. The following summer I returned to assist with that year’s course, co-ordinating group trips and acting as a point of contact for students on the course. 2009 Attended summer course in Icelandic, achieving a top grade of 93%. 2010 Returned as summer course assistant.
2008- 2011
I worked at Apple Store Lakeside in the role of Specialist until October 2008, when I transferred to the Regent Street store. During this time I had a number of career experiences. 2009 Facilitated training of new staff for new Apple Store in Geneva, entirely in French. 2010 Began working in a technical support role. 2011 Secondment as Genius Admin, which entailed administering in-store repairs and managing part inventory.

Interests & hobbies

• I have a keen interest in design, and have been involved in a number of projects for various clients, including a branding and web design project for the UCLU Nordic Society. I am competent in HTML, CSS, PHP and JQuery.

• I am competent in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

• Cooking is one of my other great passions. I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients.

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